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Some testimonials I thought I'd share!:

"I had the blessing of getting treatments from Tricia while we lived in the Portland area.  We moved last year, and I have yet to find a practitioner that even comes close to comparing to her.  The level of presence and prayer that I always felt in her work, and her absolute attunement to the intuitive flow, has been unsurpassed.  She is a true healer, because she knows how to listen and let the miraculous process of healing unfold organically, as it is meant to do."

-Karuna H., California

"I've gone to Chiropractors and Masseuses for about 30 years now because of my bad back. Yesterday I had THE BEST massage of my life! I slept like a baby last night and feel great today! If anyone is looking for someone that truly knows what they’re doing, do yourself a favor and call Tricia Weber @ 503-708-8468 ~ You’re going to love me for this recommendation."

-Michelle, Milwaukie, OR


 "My name is Chelsey and Tricia Weber has been my massage practitioner for three years now! I started going to her more frequently over the last two years as I have been dealing with chronic pain issues. She is always so attentive to my health concerns, listens to me, and makes me feel comfortable every time she treats me. Tricia has done many types of treatments on me including Craniosacral Massage and the Maya Abdominal Therapy. I know that a lot of women may be embarrassed to admit it but many of us suffer from IBS. It's something I struggle with daily. After one treatment of the Maya Abdominal Therapy I had wonderful results. I felt cleansed and satisfied without drinking anything gross or taking any medicine at all. Tricia has helped me physcally mentally and spiritually in more ways then I can say. She is a wealth of knowledge, with a gentle touch, a true artist of wellness!" 

-Chelsey, Portland, OR


 "I first came into contact with Tricia Weber for Maya Abdominal Therapy. She came highly recommended to help ease some abdominal issues I’ve suffered from since the age of 12. She was very knowledgeable and helpful when I first contacted her. I saw her twice in a month and did the Self Care techniques she taught me. All my symptoms cleared up and I was able to go off of prescription pain meds!

 Tricia is extremely professional and personable. She has an upbeat yet calming personality and gave me the hope I had lost with my healing. Anyone that meets Tricia will see and feel that she connects and heals from her heart. I was so happy with the treatment she gave and the results I received that I was inspired to pursue the bodywork also. I am now very honored to be a colleague of Tricia’s."

-Tiffany, LMT, Portland, OR



Tricia performing a Spiritual Healing in a friend's garden

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